Dev Quest is a podcast about the career journey of the modern web developer.

Web development is one of the most accessible and fruitful career paths of our era, marrying a great deal of autonomy and interesting work with a strong sense of community and openness. On Dev Quest, we'll talk to devs working at all levels of the industry, from agency-employed and freelance folks building websites for small businesses to start up founders who are helping run multi-million dollar SaaS companies and everyone in between, all through the lens of trying to help you grow to the next stage in your own journey into this amazing field.

Your Host: Dustin LeBlanc

Picture of Dustin LeBlanc

Dustin is a polygot explorer of the interwebs. While working a menial job, he was inspired by podcasts to pursue a career in web development. That career has allowed him to achieve financial freedom for his family, work on interesting projects with awesome people, and inspired him to keep striving for the next fun project or business idea.

You can follow Dustin on Twitter @DustinLeblanc.

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