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Episode 5: Adventures in CI/CD

Alec fills in for Dustin this episode and talks with Solomon Gifford from BlackMesh about the wild world of modern CI/CD providers, SecDevOps, and the quest to put the...

AmyJune Hineline: Enable contributors. Make it accessible. Help open source win.

AmyJune Hineline, open source community ambassador at Kanopi Studios and Aaron Winborn award winner, shows us how her compassion as a hospice nurse and "I can fix it" ...

Mike Wetter and Solomon Gifford: The Joy of Multi-Application Deployments

Mike Wetter and Solomon Gifford from Blackmesh chat with Dustin about how they stopped worrying and learned to LOVE multi-application deployments.

Shaundai Person: From salesperson to web developer.

Shaundai Person from SalesLoft tells us how she transformed her career from sales to web development in a single year, all while working a full-time job and raising he...

Chris Teitzel: Take chances, embrace open source, believe in people

Chris Teitzel from Cellar Door Media and Lockr.io tells us how he started his agency, launched a growing SaaS, and started doing meaningful work in the web industry.

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