Shaundai Person: From salesperson to web developer.

Shaundai Person from SalesLoft tells us how she transformed her career from sales to web development in a single year, all while working a full-time job and raising her son. And we thought we were busy!
You can connect with Shaundai on LinkedIn, she loves talking with people about coding, mentorship, parenting, and finding meaningful work as a developer!

Here are some of the key points from our conversation:
  • Overcoming the intimidation of not having a CS degree.
  • The value of persistence.
  • Pursuing your passions.
  • Learning to code as a single parent with a full-time job.
  • Using "maniacal prioritization."
  • The importance of mentors.
  • Embracing failure.
  • Using skills from your old career to succeed as a developer.
  • How to get your first job as a developer.
  • Why you should include a video with your next job application.
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