Chris Teitzel: Take chances, embrace open source, believe in people

Chris Teitzel from Cellar Door Media and tells us how he started his agency, launched a growing SaaS, and started doing meaningful work in the web industry.
You can find Chris Teitzel at Cellar Door Media and

Here are some of the key points of our conversation:
  • Don't be afraid to reach out and go for it, big things may happen
  • Putting out good into the FOSS community always pays back, eventually.
  • The diversity in FOSS makes for stronger products.
  • Investors can be a double edge sword, spurring you on when you may want to quit and making your down times even harder.
  • Desperation and free time can breed opportunity if you're willing to take a chance.
  • The barrier between hard sciences and art is permeable.
  • Speaking at conferences before you're ready can be good for your career.
  • Launching a product in the open source space is a tight rope walk, you need to balance trust and always provide value first
  • Continuing to run services as part of your company can help keep a finger on the pulse of your customers.
  • Services can help during the lean times of your SaaS.
  • Longevity is the unsexy super power.
  • Build other people up to make a successful business.
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